Imagine For Schools works with pupils, staff and families building resilience and identity within a Growth Mindset framework.

Through working in line with the National Curriculum we can help schools to:

Encourage emotional wellbeing and positive mental health development

Build self-esteem and confidence

Inspire pupils, staff and families to embrace new challenges

Give pupils a greater awareness of identity

Improve community participation and development

We will bring Growth Mindset theory to life by showing you how to implement it effectively.

Through our workshops and training we help schools to create a culture of growth and resilience, enhancing learning and life.

“Imagine For Schools is an inspirational programme for both children and staff. It is thought provoking and provides a great platform to develop a Growth Mindset approach to learning.”

Lynne Ryder – Headteacher, Parish CE Primary School


Fun, Creative and highly interactive workshops for years 5 and 6 exploring identity and resilliance – learning that mistakes failure and struggle can be essential to growth.


Thought provoking and challenging training looking at Growth Mindset Theory and its application in resillience – helping to create driven and enthused learners


We offer a highly supportive and practical session empowering and equipping parents with tools to build more motivated and resillient children.